1st & 2nd Grade Fall Ball

Competitive 1st & 2nd Grade Fall League
September 12 - October 20




Practice will be on either Wednesday or Thursday (so when you register sign up for what works best for your schedule.....CAN'T mix and match)
Practice times will be at 430-545pm 


GAMES- Will be held on Saturdays----Games times will be either 130pm or 3pm

 Teams will always warm-up 15 minutes before their scheduled game time



 Kenilworth Pee-Wee Park, Kenilworth, IL.


Team 1: GREEN

Hudson Drescher 
Brett Abrams 
Noah Leavell
Jacob Batson
Alex Joseph
John Pollock
Alexander Tiseo
Hayes Lebovic
Levi Kaufmann
Dylan Moreno
Will Jackson

Team 2: RED
Tyler Wagner 

Will Ditchman
Cayleig Steele
Kylen Reddy
Ava Bellis
Andrew Schmeckpeper 
Jake Beaudion
Max Head
Tyler Ryan
Cruz Munoz
Jack Hevner

Team 3: WHITE
Prescott Mugg

Jack  Borovicka
Jack Bradley 
James Niebrugge
Jason Sydor
Elissa Sydor 
Bradon McNelly
Cooper Patel
Logan Horn 

Team 4: GREY

Colin Davis

Oliver Cohen 
Jacob Cho
Johnny Dore
John Kateley 
Teddy Hermeling
Sam Fagin
Logan Chance
Alex Briceno
Gavin Eggener
Lawson Spieldenner
 Teams will always warm-up 15 minutes before their scheduled game time
September 15
   1:30pm  1 vs 2  GREEN
   3:00pm  3 vs 4  GREY
September 22
   1:30pm  1 vs 3
   3:00pm  4 vs 2
September 29
   1:30pm   2 vs 3
   3:00pm   4 vs 1
October 6
   1:30pm   4 vs 3
   3:00pm   2 vs 1
October 13
   1:30pm   2 vs 4
   3:00pm   3 vs 1
 October 20
   3/4th place TBD
   Championship TBD


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