Hitting League


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1-2nd GRADE
125 John M
116 Theo S
107 Milo V
101 Jack D
95 Finn O
88 Miles H
76 Patrick H-----Missing Score
69 Kai S
3-4th GRADE
243 Jack V
205 Elliot P
205 Luke W
186 Jacob W
183 Evan S
182 Ben S
175 Owen A
174 Harrison B
170 Trey J
166 Brayden F
151 Jack T
140 Alec G-----Missing Score
128 Cole N
126 Charlie W
106 Luke H -----Missing score
94 Brady J-----Missing Score
5-6th GRADE
234 Ethan B 
232 Owen A
225 Jack W
217 Evan D
215 Declan S
211 Wyatt B
207 Evan B
207 Daniel S
204 Charlie C
199 Mason P
198 Jack B
179 Aran S
163 Micah F-----Missing Score
160 Niko V
157 Sam R-----Missing score
145 Jack T-----Missing score
140 Will F-----Missing Score
123 Kaden J-----Missing Score
7-8th GRADE
283 Haden K
267 Dylan B
256 Joseph H
242 Andrew B
241 Ben G
240 CJ R
238 Joey M
223 Billy K
223 Matt H
215 Miles B
215 Henry W
214 Bazy S
207 Charlie S
206 Liam K
200 Jack L
195 Patrick H
164 Oliver B
277 Jack B
255 Jacob L
255 Teddy B
230 Grant L
228 Jackson R



Fall Hitting League
It’s that time of year again! Start the season off right by taking part in our Fall Hitting League. Players will compete against other players using a point system based on how and where the ball is hit. Players will be divided by grade. The league will last a total of 5 weeks (4 week regular season and 1 playoff week). Scores will be posted, updated and available on the internet! The champions will each receive a wooden bat!
Goal of Workout: To maximize repetitions in a competitive setting, forcing players to hit line drives and ground balls up the middle of the field (cage). Drills and instruction first 30min / Competition next 30 min
WHO: 1st & 2nd / 3rd & 4th grade / 5th & 6th grade / 7th & 8th & Freshman
1st & 2nd Grade 3-4 pm Sunday nights
3rd & 4th Grade 4-5 pm. Sunday nights
5th & 6th Grade 5-6 pm. Sunday nights
7th & 8th Grade 6-7 pm. Sunday nights
FRESHMAN      6-7 pm  Sunday nights
WHEN: Sundays evening’s
  November 12th
 (Playoffs and Championship) November 19th 
Joe Knudsen, Nathan Stillwell & Strike Zone Staff
$229 per player for 5 week program 
Strike Zone (Glenview)
Playoffs and Seeding:
The player with the higher point total at the end of the regular season will earn the highest seed. The playoff format is a single game elimination bracket, where players are seeded based on their regular season performance, much like a typical baseball tournament. Whoever wins the single game elimination tournament bracket is the hitting league champion.
What if a player can’t make it one week?
If there is a scheduling conflict, we offer several options.
· If one player cannot attend, he can take his score from previous week.
· If you know in advance that you will not be able to attend one week, you can work out a time to hit the week before to count for the absent week