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1. Statement

At http://thestrikezone.org/ we strive to provide valuable content to our users. The content available on our website is gathered from various public domain or free resources. Additionally, any licensed content is obtained from distributors under appropriate terms, and we make every effort to distribute it in accordance with the authorized terms of their agreements. We hold utmost respect for the intellectual property rights of others.

2. Reporting

If you are the rightful owner of intellectual property for any material found on The http://thestrikezone.org/ and object to its display or lack of accreditation, we encourage you to contact us. Upon receiving your notice, we will promptly take action to either add proper accreditation or remove the content in question. When reaching out to us, kindly provide the URL of the specific content you are referring to and describe the section of the page where the content is displayed. This will assist us in efficiently addressing your concerns.






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